New York City’s Pay Transparency Law – Say what you Pay or Else!

In December 2021, the New York City Council voted to amend New York City Human Rights Law to include a requirement that employers in New York City be required to disclose minimum and maximum salaries for all advertised jobs, promotions, or transfer opportunities.  The law was created to attempt to address discrepancies in wages for […]

OSHA Suspends Vaccine Mandate

In a follow up to recent decisions handed down in the federal courts regarding the legality of vaccine mandates affecting Federal, and OSHA covered employers, OSHA has announced that it has suspended enforcement of the mandates for large employers to require vaccinations for all employees or undergo weekly testing.  The decision is based on the […]

Challenges to the Vaccine Mandate: Off to the 6th Circuit we go!

Now that OSHA has mandated that all employees of large employers (100 or more employees), there have been numerous challenges to the temporary emergency standard.  The 6th Circuit Court of Appeals has taken up all the existing challenges to the vaccine mandate policy.  In total, challenges to the vaccine mandates have appeared in 12 circuit […]

OSHA has Weighed in on Covid Guidelines, again.

As nationwide access to the covid vaccine has finally been increased to a majority of the nation, agencies have made…

New York Employees are Entitled to PTO in Order to get Vaccinated.

The New York State legislature recently passed, and Governor Cuomo signed, new legislation providing paid time off for employees for…

COVID Put the World on Hold, but not the Litigation World

The vast economic and sociological damage rendered by the Covid-19 pandemic has had far reaching implications that have now begun…

FLSA Reform of Wage Standards for Foreign Workers

On January 12th the US Department of Labor announced a new rule to protect the wages and job prospects of…

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